Grade Level Introductions

Our Greer Staff

Bright Stars

Albemarle County began its first preschool program for four-year-old children in 1995. The program is called Bright Stars and operates in eight elementary schools: Greer, Agnor Hurt, Cale, Red Hill, Scottsville, Stone-Robinson, Stony Point, and Woodbrook. All of the Bright Stars children have some degree of educational, financial, medical, or emotional needs. The life of a child is a life of play. Educators know that young children do well in school when they learn through play. Children in the Bright Stars program are given many opportunities to learn through a variety of play experiences and structured activities. Success in these experiences should provide a sound basis for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Each Bright Stars classroom has a certified teacher and an assistant and is supported by a family coordinator. The program follows the county school calendar.​


Kindergarten is the foundation for learning that builds a strong platform for growth in other grades. Children not only learn academics but also how to function in a group while developing good work habits. Kindergarten is a fun, exciting and vibrant place where children enjoy learning to be a part of a school community.

First Grade

Our goal is to excite first graders through the learning process. We believe that a child's thoughts, ideas, and creativity are the foundation upon which we build. As teachers of young children we feel that the best success comes through working as a team. The partnership that we form with parents guides the success of every student.

Second Grade

We are very excited to be working with the second graders at Greer School. During the school year, second graders will have many wonderful experiences. The teachers are committed to helping students grow academically and socially through activities that will reflect those goals.

Third Grade

Third grade is a very busy year filled with interesting unit studies, field trips and the Virginia Standards of Learning. The teachers work very hard to make sure all children grow in academic skills and socialization, and we strive for success with the increased responsibilities that accompany third grade. We look forward to all of the fun, excitement and hard work that lies ahead!

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade teachers are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and creating! We have many fun activities planned for our students. As we move through the school year we are working to strengthen the students' academic, social, and emotional skills to better prepare them for middle school. We encourage family support and participation in school activities and view each child's education as a partnership between school and home.

Fifth Grade

We are happy to welcome familiar families from the past as well as the new students who are joining us from all over the United States and the world. The fifth grade team is dedicated to making this the best year your child has had in school so far. We are also committed to preparing our students for the SOL tests they will take in March and May and the organizational challenges they will face in middle school next year. We're looking forward to a great year!