Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

​The students in the library media center will learn library skills, the pleasure of recreational reading and how to effectively find information. My goal is to instill a love for books and reading in our students and to help them become effective users of ideas and information. 

1) How often does my child go to the library?

Once a week for 30 minutes.

2) How many books can my child check out?

  • Bright Stars/Kindergarten - 1 book
  • 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th - 2 books

3) What should I do if my child receives an overdue notice?

The Greer Library does not charge fines for overdue books, so just return or renew the book! If you think the book has been returned, please contact me so I can check the shelves. Mistakes can happen when books are checked back in. If the book isn't in the library, check other places in the school, such as your child's cubby or desk. The book could also be mixed in with books in your child's classroom or with EDEP's books.​

4.) What happens if I lose or damage a book?

If a book is lost or damaged, students will be charged for a replacement. 

5.) How can I find out what books my child has checked out?

The easiest way is to go to the Library website and choose Alexandria, then choose Researcher. Click on Log In. The UserName is the letter P followed by your student's cafeteria number (example: P97823). The password is your student's last name. You can also email or call the library.

6.) Why is my young child bringing home a library book that is not on his/her level?

Bright Stars and Kindergarten begin the year choosing from a stack of pre-selected Everybody (picture) books. Kindergarten students will eventually begin choosing books from the Everybody (picture) books section only. The older students receive instruction in the library and classroom on choosing "just right" books. I like to give children the freedom to select their own books, with the expectation that they don't limit themselves to fiction. Non-fiction books are such a wealth of information and a way to satisfy curiosity. Children can get a lot out of "reading" the pictures. That being said, I will gently suggest picking out another book that isn't so fat and has more pictures, but if they insist, I let them check it out. Lessons on book selection are taught throughout the year. ​

7.) What are the standards that guide our work with children?

Library media specialists are guided by the Albemarle County Library Media Handbook. The Albemarle County Media Center program aims to: 

  • Integrate the instruction in the classrooms with that of the library media center 
  • Provide a selection of appropriate materials to meet the needs and abilities of all students Promote lifelong reading and learning
  • Provide learning experiences that encourage users to become discriminating consumers and skilled creators of information
  • Provide a facility that functions as the information center of the school 
  • Provide intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats 
  • Provide leadership, instruction, and consultation in the use of instructional and informational technology.

8.)  What is in the Greer Library?

Our library collection has over 11,000 items! The vast majority of the collection are books for students to check out - Everybody (picture), Fiction (novels), Biography, and Nonfiction. There are also Bilingual books, Graphic Novels, Superheroes and books grouped by Guided Reading Level. 

The Greer staff has access to a Professional Collection of books, kits to aid instruction, DVDs, CDs, iPods, and audiovisual and science equipment. 

There are sections of Reference books and prints for the Art Print Program.